I agree with Guy Benson, a self-professed Conservative, in his statement below.


“My overall reaction to the anthem controversy, kicked into hyper-drive by President Trump’s remarks in Alabama Friday night, has been frustrated and mixed. I’m deeply turned off by players who disrespect the flag and the anthem by refusing to stand. I also recognize that the men and women who’ve died defending that flag did so to protect the fundamental rights of American citizens, including free speech and expression. Athletes have a right to make their own choices regarding the anthem, but that doesn’t make their decisions right. Locking arms in solidarity strikes me as an appropriate display, but conspicuously not standing while the anthem is played looks divisive and disrespectful — and even unpatriotic in the eyes of most Americans. I posted a few of my takes on Twitter as this saddening spectacle has played out: 

  • Kneeling during the anthem is disrespectful & off-putting. Profanely ranting about it in speeches & calling for firings is unpresidential.
  • Political speech shouldn’t be a fireable offense. Weaponized political correctness is poison.”
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